Flowers make fantastic holiday gifts. Each zodiac sign has a corresponding flower. Choosing flowers based on a person’s sun sign can bring them a lucky year. So what are you waiting for? Order fresh flowers online today from florist delivery kl.

Along with their beauty, scent, and colour, zodiac flowers promote balance and harmony. Let’s look at the particular flowers for each zodiac sign, along with some gift choices.

Zodiac-themed Christmas flowers



Aries loves new beginnings and energy. It matches early-summer honeysuckle beautifully. Pink and white flowers smell lovely and match the Aries’ happy self-confidence. Aries are determined, like their zodiac flower, which blooms from late spring through summer.

This earth sign creates strong, serious, compassionate people. Poppies reflect Taureans’ love of beauty and tenacity amid difficult conditions.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21) (May 22 – June 21)


Geminis aren’t bashful or common, so they love showy flowers and lavender. The twins’ dual personalities is matched by the flowers’ multiple applications, whether fresh or dried and preserved.

Rose Cancer

Subtle, inventive, passionate, and prickly, shy Cancerians match their zodiac flower, the white rose. The vintage design and aroma appeal to the sign’s passion for the familiar and nostalgic.

The Buttercream is a lovely, romantic, and fragrant bouquet of white vanilla roses, lisianthus, and snapdragons.

July 23-August 22


Probably. Leos are as brilliant, confident, and friendly as summer sunflowers. Leos are loyal and love the spotlight, like their zodiac flower. The Sonny, with sunflowers, baby’s breath, and Ruscus, is the perfect present for a flamboyant Leo.

August 23-September 23


Golden buttercups and Virgos share a shy beauty. The Virgo’s enthusiasm for neatness, precision, and beauty is reflected in the elegant flowers, their wildness indicates their fun-loving side.


Sept. 24-Oct. 23

Libra is passionate about balance, so roses are their perfect zodiac flower. Roses also express the sign’s warmth and fight for justice. Like the rose, Libras fit in everywhere.

October 24-November 22


Geraniums’ colour and perfume match Scorpio’s magnetism. Bunched bunches of symmetrical flowers indicate Scorpio’s mystery and secretiveness, as well as the surprising side they share with close friends.

November 23-December 21


Carnations, with their vibrant colours and rich aroma, signify Sagittarians’ cheerfulness, generosity, and adventure. They’ll stand out but stay friendly and humorous, like carnations at weddings.

December 22-January 20


Capricorns are stable, resilient, and dependable, like their zodiac flower, which thrives in the cold. They’re hardworking warriors who flaunt their work.

Aquarius: 21-Feb-19


Orchids from the online shop penang florist boast of the blooms that are ideal for Aquarius, the dreamers and visionaries. Its exotic allure complements Aquarius’ appetite for adventure and quirkiness, and the blooms are resilient despite appearances. Aquarians’ dreamy personalities mask their persistence and determination.

February 20-March 20 Pisces


This calm, pleasant water symbol travels with the flow, exactly like beautiful water lilies. They’re friendly and inventive and adore tranquil places like lake and stream margins with water lilies.