Time is a mysterious thing. Many try to tame it or would love to control it. We often lose track of it while doing things we love. Clocks and wristwatches are a few devices we invented to check the time. Wristwatches, in my humble opinion, are a different class. It has a different fanbase. Conventional watches have their essence over the trending smartwatches these days. There are many brands that people admire. One such heavily loved brand is Rolex. The brand has worked to produce wristwatches ever since people known it. Rolex Submariner Singapore is a wristwatch that has given divers and swimmers an equal experience to wearing watches in water.

All you need to know about Rolex

Rolex was founded in the year 1905 in London, united kingdom by its founders Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. The brand name was registered and announced as Rolex in 1908. However, its headquarters is now located in Geneva, Switzerland. The base was moved to geneva after world war I due to an imbalance in the economy back then. The company’s value is estimated to be around 8 billion in the year 2017, which was six years ago. To this date, Rolex has been working to produce new trends while preserving the essence of the brand itself. The manufacturer produces more than 1 million timepieces every year. Moreover, the brand has come up with the most unique, sequence numbers for its products to predict its production period. The company itself is a hub of innovative and creative ideas.

Waterproof wristwatches and their history with Rolex

The first ever waterproof wristwatch in history was introduced by Rolex itself. Though the watches produced by the brand were excellent, they gradually got damaged due to the collection of dust and moisture under the dial and crown. In 1926, as the patent addresses, Paul Perregaux and Georges Peret, who were case makers, invented a watch that could sustain water ingress. They named it oyster to symbolize its waterproof ability. The watch wasn’t invented by Rolex, however, the brand did take the product to great heights with its marketing strategies.

Perks of Rolex submariner

Today, Rolex takes pride in its products. Rolex submariner Singapore is a multipurpose watch. It can sustain a water depth of 300 meters which is 1000 feet, giving divers the freedom of knowing the time they spend in the water. It is manufactured out of corrosion-resistant ceramic. It is scratch proof and the color is unaffected by ultraviolet rays, chlorinated water, or seawater. It is a creation that has blown the minds of watchmakers and to this day, Rolex is known for the standard and quality of its products.