When you know the game’s rules and how to shoot the ball, you will not play until you have your equipment from Ritual Hockey. In playing field hockey, there is a good amount of equipment that you need to use. You will use the guards to help you protect while in the game. But when you have yet to decide on field hockey positions, you need to have a stick to get the essential equipment.

Hockey stick

You can compare the hockey stick to your weapon on the battlefield. When you have the hockey stick for the game, you will learn how to use it and be comfortable that it starts to be part of you. Getting the right hockey stick is vital because you need to use the right size for your height.


The kind of shoes you must wear will depend on the type of surface you will play on. You can use ideal cleats when playing on the grass field. The soles of the shoes will have more big studs that allow a good grip, fast cuts, and transitions. But it would help if you bought turf shoes with smaller studs when playing artificial turf. Using it is the best for gripping artificial turf. But when you play indoors, court shoes will be the best for the soles to get a good grip for smoother surfaces.

Mouth guard

Field hockey is a non-contact sport; a mouthguard must be worn while playing. Use a mouthguard to protect you from concussion when you bump into other players or the ball.

Shin guards

Shin guards in the game are not the same as those in soccer. Shin guards in field hockey must cover your whole ankle up to the bottom of your kneecaps. Your shins will take all the beatings from the sticks and balls when you play the game. But you can think about investing in the best quality Shin guards.

Rash guards and socks

Using socks is essential in the game. When you don’t wear any socks during the game, you must expect that you will get blisters after the game. Wearing rash guards are optional in the game. It will go under your shin guards and protect your shin from getting rubbed with them.

Stick bag

Getting a stick bag can be optional, but it will be convenient for you when you have to bring lots of sticks to the game.

Electrical tape

Electrical tape is essential when taping on the bottom of the stick. It will help protect your post from wear, dents, and tears. Tapping your stick’s base will help you avoid the ball when you are a beginner.


When you use a hockey stick, you need to get a grip on the handle that wears off quickly. It will be the usual sight for you when you buy and change your hand grips once you are playing field hockey.

After you get some of the equipment, it is time for you to play in the field and try practicing using your equipment. You can do shooting or dribbling drills, where practice makes it perfect before the game. It will help you to be confident and comfortable in using the equipment.