There is no easy way to handle grief, as it is difficult any time of the year. However, for some reason, grieving during the holidays is much more challenging and brutal. Thus, if you know someone who recently lost a loved one, make sure to lend a helping hand and support, especially this holiday season.

With all of this in mind, if you’re not sure how to comfort a grieving friend, here are 7 tips to keep in mind.

Always acknowledge their loss

One of the more important lessons in helping a friend cope with grief is that you first acknowledge it. Do not invalidate their feelings but simply be there for them to listen.

Show up with a gift

Another great way to show them that you care for them and that you are ready to help when needed is by showing up with a remembrance gift. There are several options online that are easy to find. We recommend buying customized Memorial wind chimes because you can personalize them with an engraving.

Be sensitive

Being there for someone grieving can be a slippery slope, which is why you need to be sensitive when you’re with them. You have to remember that people go through grief in different ways.

Share a memory

When small talk fails you, always share a memory with them. Aside from memorial wind chimes that you can customize with a saying or quote that reminds you of them, you can also share a special memory that will surely make them smile.

Do not try to minimize their pain

Going back to the fact that people go through grief differently and experience them differently, you have to be careful that you do not end up invalidating their emotions. Listen to them and share memory but do not tell them how to feel.

Another thing to remember is that you should avoid advising them how to feel the pain no longer. No one knows if the other person is better off feeling or ignoring the pain. Only they can tell so be sure to avoid statements like “time will heal all wounds” or “they are better off in heaven.”

Donate to a charity in honor of their loved one

If you want to opt for something more personal, you can always donate to a charity in honor of a loved one. This simple action can go a long way and will be highly appreciated as it shows that you are serious about honoring the deceased and the things they care about.

Let them lead

Aside from gifting them memorial wind chimes, you can also ensure they go through the grieving stages by not making the entire thing about you. If they are grieving, even if you are coming from a good place and intend to help, do not relate what they are feeling to what you had felt when you lost a loved one.

In cases like these, let them lead. Sometimes, they may not want to talk to anyone for a few days. Do not force them to have a conversation with you. Instead, be there for them and let them know you are ready to help.

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