When it comes time to wrap your box, it appears that there are an infinite number of packing adhesives you can choose from, and you understand entirely. You fully understand and go through some alternatives. Therefore, there are two primary options with acrylic and WAT paper packaging tape, and by several names, so familiarise yourself with WAT paper and acrylic packing tape in these two posts.

Box made of cardboard.

All of those are single-layered, weightless, light fibre pulp boxes that are more likely to be used to contain a product than to be mailed. To use cardboard boxes, fill gift boxes with an ornament or something portable.

Boxes Made with Corrugated Paper

Corrugated boxes are the most widely utilised shipping boxes to their endurance during delivery. Corrugated boxes feature a gently textured paper fibre surface that allows any tape to bind to provide a solid seal.

Corrugated Glossy Box

Semi-gloss or shiny boxes have an extra layer putting the cardboard surface and come in several colours or designs. They make a shipment unique, and only acrylic tapes! Water-activated paper tapes rely on packing tape to permeate the fibres of the paperboard to form a strong bind. This connection is not possible due to the smooth surface of the boxes.


They include a wrap and self-sealing flap to keep the goods contained, yet it is also a weak point in the packaging. Applying acrylic tape to the sides and the top of the cover will offer extra strength during shipment. Another benefit of poly-mailers is that they may be made smaller by turning over the top to produce a secure wrap all around the item and to allow criminals to easily slip their fingers thru the open edges and directly into the top aperture. With the same notion, the open-topped and gaping sides offer a potential for your merchandise to slip out inadvertently. You utilise acrylic tape for each exposed area to prevent this from happening again.


The same problems that firms encounter with poly-mailers apply to bubble-mailers. Bubble mailers feature a fragile top, exposing edges from being flipped over, and catch risks from being flipped over. Using acrylic tape over the top or sides of your box can enhance the likelihood that it will arrive at its destination.

It is indeed time to make a decision and start filming.

The common thread that runs across all these alternative package-to-tape solutions is two easy things to know. Acrylic tapes are suitable for use on non-fibrous or mildly fibre surfaces, but paper tapes are best for use on whatever level of fibre surface!

Not all packages are not to receive all loads in the same way. Check the box (ECT) for the bursting rating, often known as the edge-crush measurement, to confirm it can hold the weight of the objects you want to send. The materials utilised to create them are also rated.